On-ground Tanks

Fuel Tanks

On-ground Tanks

Mainline’s on-ground fuel tanks are single skin tanks available in four volumes – 590 L, 950 L, 1400 L and 1950 L.  Ground tanks are manufactured as boiler tanks for diesel only (straight legs) and on-ground for petrol and diesel (angled legs). On-ground tanks can be split to hold petrol and diesel in volumes to suit your usage.

Pump options are available for diesel and petrol.  K3 semi rotary or Fillrite rotary hand pumps are fitted for both petrol and diesel tanks.  Diesel pump options include hand pump, 12 volt, 230 volt, Honda petrol powered. See our price sheet for more options.


Rotary drum pumps (petrol and diesel) EX50 230V electric pump (petrol and diesel)

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