Double skin tanks

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Mainline’s double skin tanks are a primary tank within another tank. This double skin is considered a form of bunding. An interstitial space between the two tanks allows for the outer tank to provide extra protection against impact and will contain fuel if the inner tank is leaking. Mainline tanks can be connected to boiler and/or generator systems or fitted with a variety of pump options to suit your needs. Pump options include: hand pumps, 12-volt and 230 volt pumps, Honda WX15 and WB20 petrol powered pumps. Piusi cube 56 and 70 dispensers as well as the Piusi MC70 management system with user keys are also available. Mainline’s double skin tanks are New Zealand made and WorkSafe approved for diesel. All comply with secondary containment regulations.


Filters Meters
Hoses Nozzles


495 L 950 L
1400 L 1800 L
3000 L 4650 L
10,000 L
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