Diesel Trailer Tanks

Fuel Tanks

Diesel Trailer Tanks

Mainline trailer tanks provide you with more options and a lot more flexibility in the way you use and store your diesel. The convenience of having fuel on site when you need it and the savings at the pump will add value to your business operation. All trailer tanks come with a variety of pump options, including:

  • K3 semi rotary hand pump – 1 litre / complete stroke of handle or 29 L / min approx
  • 12-volt pump – 45 litres / minute
  • WX15 or WB20 Honda petrol powered pump – 70 litres / minute

Included with 12V and Honda pumps are: 5 metres of fuel hose or 10m hose & retractable reel, auto shut off nozzle, nozzle stand, Piusi filter and a flow meter. 12V electric and Honda pumps are in a lockable aluminium box. Trailers require LTSA registration and Warrant of Fitness (Mainline can organise this for you). Mainline diesel trailers are compliant with WorkSafe and HSNO regulations. All trailer tanks have a WorkSafe register number and are manufactured to an approved code of practice (ACOP) – Flammable Liquids Road Tank Wagons.