Aviation Trailer Tanks

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Aviation Trailer Tanks

Mainline aviation fuel trailers are used for helicopters, small planes, boats and any machine requiring (3.1A), AvGas, Jet A1 or Petrol to be transported by road.

The 1650 Litre aviation trailer tank is certified for AV Gas, Jet A1 and Petrol.

Our aviation trailer tanks are commissioned ready for use and require LTSA registration and Warrant of Fitness, which our team can organise for you.


Yanmar diesel engine Velcon filter and K33 flow meter
5 mm aluminium tank Internal baffles
CM Trailer brakes, 14 inch rims and tyres Chassis – hot dip galvanized
Built to design specifications 30 metre static earth reel
30B fire extinguisher & spill kit 15 m aviation hose and reel (25mm dia.) with ZVA auto nozzle


1650 L
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